How do I determine my size?

Refer to the size charts listed with each product and measure yourself carefully. It is strongly recommended that you measure yourself according to the size charts because it will suggest the better size for you. You ABSOLUTELY must measure! please don't go with your "jean size" as your measurement, it is completely different then the measurement you should be taking of your waist! Every body is different so these are just guidelines, you can be the final judge on the size you think will best suit you.


What if my waist trainer is too tight? 

The waist trainer is going to be very tight when you first receive it (you might need someone to help you put it on). The waist trainer is supposed to be tight because the tight compression tightens your core and reshapes your waist. If it isn't tight then it will not work. The waist trainer will conform to your body becoming a little more comfortable as you wear it. Always consult with a doctor if you are unsure or if you experience any pain.


 How do I wash the waist trainer?

Wash these garments by hand in lukewarm water with non scented detergent. Do not use dryer to dry corsets. Air drying your corset will preserve elasticity and smoothness of the fabrics. Please lay them flat to dry and do not wring out.


How do I know when its time to get a smaller size? 

It is time to size down when you are no longer feeling the compression of the corset. The waist trainer must be tight in order to work. The compression tightness is what will reshape your waist.


What are the corsets made out of?


The garments are a Latex, Cotton, Spandex, and Nylon blend.


Will the corset show under my clothes?


If worn properly the garment will fit flat and smoothly against your body. The only sight will be your natural curves.


When I pay for my order how long before it is shipped and received?


Once we receive confirmation of your payment, your order will be processed within 1-2 days. Our standard shipping ($9.99) will take anywhere from 8-10 business days to receive and our expedited shipping ($19.99) will take 3-5 business days considering items are not on back order


What is the Return Policy?


No refunds or exchanges due to the intimate nature of our products!! Once your order has been placed it becomes final sale, if you message us in time for a size change we may be able to accommodate you, but there are no guarantees! 

Where will my package be coming from?

If we are extremely back ordered your package will be arriving from our supplier in china, in all other circumstances your product will ship from Canada.

Who will be delivering my product and will there be duty charges?

DHL express delivers all packages, there might be a small duty charge upon delivery if you have a package of 3 or more waist trainers/items which is paid by you (the customer). Even if you qualified for the free shipping option, the duty will still be paid by you.